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Documentary stories
Children playing with a sheep, several days before Djurdjevdan (St George day) - Orthodox Christian holiday. In the background is the new building site that threatens to undermine ‘’Belville’’ Roma shanty town.
Children playing in the pool in Gazela settlement. Their father found the broken pool next to trash and repaired it.
Pregnant woman and her daughter at their home before the eviction. New Belgrade.
Young couple with baby in their one-room home made by cardboard.
Two Roma babies are bundled up in a traditional way at their home in Karaburma settlement.
Roma children playing on the carpet at their home in Karaburma settlement.
Lonely boy at his one-room home just before the eviction of Roma settlement on New Belgrade.
The girl dancing to traditional Roma music at her home. Belvile settlement on New Belgrade.
The man whose house was burnt by fire.
Main income comes from collecting secondary materials.
Roma belongings packed before moving to the outskirts of the city. Gazella settlement, August, 2009.
Children returning from nearby Sava river bank where they have their bath and wash their clothes.
Sheep in the car in the new Roma settlement at the outskirts of the city.
Demolitions by bulldozers of Roma houses in Gazela settlement.
Metal containers - new home for resettled Roma in Rakovica settlement.
The woman collecting flowers nearby new settlement on the outskirt of the city.
Edo (30). Street cleaner and wood cutter. From Banten (West Java province). Married His hobby is playing football.
Susanto (28) Street cleaner. From Brebes (Central Java province). Married, has a daughter. His hobby is playing football.
Sakim (30). Street cleaner From Banten (West Java province). Married. His hobby is playing football.
Antasa (27) Wood cutter. From Banten (West Java province). Single, his hobby is playing football.
Jumadi (28) Wood cutter. From Banten (West Java province). Divorced, has one child. His hobby is riding motorbikes.
Main (50), doorkeeper. From Cirebon, (West Java province). Married, has 6 children and 23 grandchildren. His hobby is sleeping.
Under the bridge, tenants use ladders to enter their rooms.
Ladders under the bridge leading to the rooms.
Bathroom is placed under the bridge. Even-though living conditions are difficult, tenants place high importance in hygiene.
Kuningan bridge which connects Menteng with luxury villas on the north and Kuningan business part of the town in the south.
Serbian bachelor, Milovan (right) going with friend to meet an Albanian girl in the city of Shkoder for marriage.
Serbian bachelor meets girl’s grandmother. Between them stands matchmaker who takes 2000 euros from Serb for succesful meeting.
Albanian girl Eva observing her potential future husband who came to propose her.
Toastsing after successful negotiations. Marriage will be made.
Eva’s sneaky look on the way to engagement.
Choosing the wedding ring in local jewelry shop.
Negotiating the marriage conditions in Albanian girl’s (Eva) home.
Eva’s mother and grandmother farewell to Eva.
On the way to Serbia, the couple fell asleep hugged.
Eva entering Milovan’s home in Seriban village close to Arilje town.
Couple’s sleeping room.